Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Day...Really?!

Valentine's Day...already?!  'Nuff said.

So, what has everyone else been up to?  It's been nearly a full month since the last I posted, but I don't feel like I have so much to show for it, at least as far as stitching goes.  Work's been a whirlwind  with more to come this week.  Maybe that's the reason.  It was windy and cold even in Ft. Lauderdale last week, so perhaps it really is February after all. 

So, let me start by taking stock of the stitching ta has been accomplished this month.

One of my linen orders did finally arrive, so I was able to put enough skin in the game to feel like I've go a start on the Song of Solomon sampler. Not much, but it is what it is.

I was lucky enough to join in this stitch along on the FB Embroidery Motifs from Old Dutch Samplers group, but unfortunately couldn't get a good start on it until the linen arrived.  Speaking of which, I decided to go with a nice old standby, 36 count LL Pecan Butter.  What you see here will eventually be the top right corner, stitching in Gloriana Deep Blue Sea.  As for the remaining colors, I haven't got a clue yet, but am thinking they will choose themselves as I go along.  I know this little bit doesn't give an idea of the full piece, but take a look at this link for the stunning details.

Much as I'm dying to play with all the color choices, I probably won't do much with this one for a few more weeks.  Cataract removal is scheduled soon and so I think I'd rather wait until I can see what I'm choosing with all its vibrancy intact.

What else?  Well, I did make a finish on Sheepish Design's Celestial Spirits.

I'm thinking I might just do  3 more of these, one for each of my sisters.  Seeing how there are 4 of us girls and each has a different first initial   There's some celestial balance to that idea, don't you think?  This one will eventually take flight for a trip to Faye's.

And in the meantime, I've also been watching the orchard grow on PS Johnny Appleseed.

This has been such a fun, easy stitch so far, though I did have some doubts about the Barn Gray roof on the cabin at first start.  But it came together nicely once I had the Nutmeg door in.  Gotta love the livestock in this piece, especially the rooster!

Still waiting anxiously for the linen to arrive before I  can make another start on Ragamuffin 2.  I do think I have enough to keep busy with until then.....

So that catches me up. I promise to do my best to update again before next Thanksgiving, which I'm sure will be in another week,  Thanks for dropping in to visit and Happy Valentine's Day!


Barb said...

Celestial Spirits is lovely. I love the color you used. I did look at the new sampler,wow! that is going to be a huge project but very beautiful. Johnny Appleseed is also looking great! In your busy week, I hope you can get in a bit of stitching.

Robin in Virginia said...

What super progress you have made with Johnny Appleseed and a nice start on your sampler. Congratulations on your Celestrial Spirits! I like the fiber color you used.

Marilyn said...

That Ship Sampler is gorgeous!
Celestial Spirits turned out nice in that color.
Love this one.
What colors will you use for your sisters?
Great progress on Johnny.

Vickie said...

THAT Dutch sampler is out of this world!!

Margaret said...

That Dutch sampler is amazing! I can't wait to see your version of it as it grows -- I need to see more! Nice work on your finish, and Johnny Appleseed is looking great! Good luck with the cataract surgery. I know that's in my future someday since I have small ones for now.

Amanda said...

Can I ask why you like Lakeside Linen? My local yarn shop has closed, so now I am going to have to start buying linen sight-unseen on line. The whole thing has me nearly paralyzed, I am so confused!

Von said...

Holy moly! That Ship Sampler is amazing!!

Carol said...

Oh, best of luck with your cataract surgery, Mary! It seems like most of us will need that as we grow older. My mom needs it right now, but is reluctant since that is her only good eye. Most patients are amazed at how much clearer everything becomes after the operation.

Love your WIPs--especially Johnny Appleseed and the plump piglet :)

Melissa said...

You've got lots of great things in the works, Mary! That dutch sampler will be an amazing piece on your wall!