Monday, January 18, 2016

The Year of Stitching Dangerously

Well, seeing how 2016 is already 3 10 18 days old, it may be a bit late for me to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  Instead, here's wishing the new year is off to a good start for all, full of health, good fortune and stitching, of course.   It's probably also a bit late to do a "stitching year-in review", but while I was prettying up my photos for this post, I realized it is exactly the 100th update I've added since entering the blogging world  Surely a little indulgence is allowable?!.  So here's a nod to the biggest goal met in 2015 - the grand finale of Hannah Pepper.  So happy to finally not have "finish Hannah Pepper' on my list of stitching goals the new year!

 I'm officially declaring 2016 as "The year of Stitching Dangerously"  The thinking behind that is to stitch with more freedom to, change colors, threads, fabrics and motifs as often as possible to create something one of a kind and truly my own. Towards that end, I was lucky enough to get in on the first round of the Song of Solomon SAL now raging full steam on the Embroidery Motifs from Old Dutch Samplers Facebook group.  Unfortunately, I'm still waiting the arrival of my pecan butter linen and Pacific Blue Gloriana to get started with, so there's not much in the way of a picture to share yet.  Can't wait to get started though, so hopefully next post I'll have a little more to share.

Full disclosure, I probably need to acknowledge that the "Year of Stitching Dangerously" has also already had a fatality.  Here's evidence:

Let me explain.....just as planned, I' got our all my previously gathered supplies for a New Year's Day start on Shakespeare's Peddler's " Ragamuffin Quaker", a project I've been meaning to get underway ever since the silks for this beauty first turned up in my mail box. 

 Still in need of some linen, I impulsively boosted a piece I had kitted with another chart because I loved how the silks sat on the soft grayish color of it.  Beginning at the top border, I was thrilled with how well they were all working. Right up until the very point that I noticed the edge of the linen was coming up a lot faster than the end of the vine on the chart was.....Oh yes, it's generally a good idea to measure the linen before starting.  But on no, I didn't.  So now, I'm also waiting the delivery of a fat half yard of 36 count navy bean for a fresh start.  Lesson learned - just because it looks pretty doesn't mean it's going to work!

All this forced a retreat to the stash closet to find something simple and fun to bide my time with until the expected linens actually arrive.  This fit the bill, and it offered the chance to choose a skein from my collection of Olde Willow threads found while rummaging through the closet.

Here's progress on it as of last night.  I like it!  The upper left bird and the row of leaves he's over are off by a single thread, so they've got to come out and go back in I thread higher.  I know it may not be noticeable to anyone else, but I see it and it makes me crazy,  Seeing how I stitch to maintain my sanity  letting it go would defeat the whole purpose of the stitching to begin with, doesn't it?   Come on now, you know you get it.....

Just now I'm looking the color of those little celestial beings and thinking it reminds me of something else.  Oh yeah, it's more or less the same shades of blue and gray from the Finnegan's Fog used for Ann Grimshaw.  See it?

What can I say, I'm a creature of habit and I like what I like.  Apparently, it's dark blues on pale grayish linen..

Another goal for this stitching year - to send more finishing stuff to Faye!  Elizabeth Rhode made her way to North Carolina last week, where she'll get in line for Faye to turn her into something I'll love.  Poor Elizabeth has been languishing in my finished pile for years, so pretty but not quite large enough to be a priority for framing.

 I'll be sure to show her off in all her finished glory when she returns home!

There's been a little more progress on SL Scottish Band Sampler, but I think I'll save it for later. Wish I felt more excitement about moving into the eyelet panes, but some how I don't have the mojo just yet. 

Cold weather has finally come to central Florida, so the walking has been brisk in the mornings this week.  Jim's famous dried bean chili and a wool blanket to snuggle under tonight - I'm enjoying it all while it lasts!

Thanks for stopping by.


Lee said...

So you have a collection of Old Willow Stitchery threads, too? I'm trying to find a use for mine...I recently subbed them into a BBD project. It wasn't a perfect substitution,so I ripped out and restitched a bit when I decided my choices didn't work, but all in all I think it's ok. I'll post it on my blog when I'm finished.

Hannah Pepper is amazing. Congrats!

Robin in Virginia said...

Good for you on getting Hannah Pepper marked off your stitching list! Your WIPs are lovely.

Jackie said...

So sorry to hear about your sampler start on too small linen. It happens to all of us! I once stitched 1/4 of a project when I realized I started it on the long side of the fabric instead of the short side. I never did get back to it.

Von said...

I love your intent to stitch dangerously this year and look forward to all your projects! :)

Barb said...

Hannah is just spectacular! I love all the floral elements. The sampler you are sending to Faye is also very pretty. She will work wonders with the finish. I really don't loved the finishing so I am very tempted to send more to her. I know what you mean about the frogging. My DH often says you can't tell but I frog anyway. I hope the year will be a great one for you.

Margaret said...

I like your goal of stitching dangerously! lol! Great projects. Hate waiting for linen to come. ugh. I'm definitely happy to see your hannah Pepper again! She's such a beauty!

Marilyn said...

Hannah Pepper and Elizabeth Rhode are both so pretty.
Love the Celestial Spirits piece by Sheepish Designs.
I've never seen that one, the color you picked is nice.

Carol said...

I just love the sampler you have sent off to Faye, Mary--can't wait to see what she does with it! And well, what can I say about Hannah Pepper, except "wow!!!" Your year of stitching dangerously sounds fun and interesting. I know the longer I've stitched, the more I've ventured into changing colors and motif placements, too :)

Wishing you all the best in this (still!) New Year!

Melissa said...

You're off to a great start in 2016. Congrats on the finish of Hannah. She's a beaut! I love the colour of Finnegan's Fog. I have used it once and still remember it.

Have a fun stitching year, Mary!

Sherry said...

Wow! You have some wonderful finishes! I can't wait to see if you frame them or do something else. It is cold up here in NC. We barely made it above freezing today. I love your goal of stitching dangerously! I am looking forward to seeing what all you do!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Congrats on finishing Hannah; she is gorgeous! I was just in Florida and was surprised by how cool it was. Enjoy your cool weather and all your fab stitching projects!

woolwoman said...

well how fun Mary ! I'm afraid I am not very adventurous with stitching out of the box. Even picking a thread for a single color sampler takes me days of auditioning threads and linens. Sigh - who hasn't starting something on the short edge instead of long edge or grabbed a piece of perfect fabric only to discover it's too dang small for the project at hand. I love the Celestial Spirits. I thought about you because I adore your - I almost started the Ann Grimshaw SL SAL but I couldn't decide about a color so I copped out and went with M Quartier because mine was a kit with black silk - I did use a coveted piece of BOAF linen for her. Cheers and enjoy your adventures in 2016 ! Mel

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Mary these are all so beautiful! I still love that Finnegan's Fog floss color. I really need to get some for the 'ole stash. Hope your year is off to a good start as well.