Monday, December 28, 2015

My Favorite Week of the Year!

Yes!!  The shopping is done, the  presents are open, the turkey is nothing but scraps and it's now my favorite week of the year.  I love the days between Christmas and New Year's when the pace slows down and it's finally time to take stock. So far this week I've been stitching, walking, listening to audiobooks and cooking dinners with Jim.  The next few days promise a beach adventure, a visit with my brother and unexpected spur of the moment surprises.  I'm loving the lack of plans right now.....

Seeing how it is the season, I thought I'd start with one more pic of my Angles of Tulips, now hanging proudly at the top of our Christmas tree. 

Just like I'd hoped, her spangles flutter and reflect the lights.  I'm thinking now that she might come to my office for a while once the tree comes down.  She might just help me keep this week's slower pace a little longer once the grind resumes.

Last December I started work on the SL Scottish Band Sampler.  With it's elaborate green and red alphabet, it quickly took on a holiday feel for itself.  After this past Thanksgiving, I got it back out as my December project.

I've worked mostly adding in another row of funky letters....

...and extending these stylized borders.

In true Christmas fashion, a fun surprise was found when I got this project back out - my silver needle keeper!  I'd forgotten all about it, but when I opened the project bag and saw it nestled in with all the gorgeous silks, it was just like opening a gift.  Thank you Santa!

 I'm not sure yet if I'll keep working on this one after New Year's or put it away again and save it for the next holiday season.  The alphabet letters are nearly done and then I move into a panel of eyelet stitch rainbows. It may not seem as Christmassy once that section gets started,  But on the other hands, the eyelets may quickly make me decide I've had enough of it for the next 11 months!

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I'd at long last decided to make a start on Prairie Schooler's Johnny Appleseed.  Sure enough, a small start is underway. 

I've attempted a thread conversion on this one from DMC to overdyes and so far I'm pleased.  The linen is something dredged out of the stash box, so I can't say with any certainly what it is, though it has a slight greenish cast.  With all the apple trees eventually going into it, I thought it would be a suitable choice.  Love this piggy, so glad he showed up in my usual starting spot!

Even though this will be the last post of 2015, I think I'll wait and do a "year-in-review" next weekend.  Lots on my mind for next year and it will be fun to share the ideas in a post of their own soon. 

As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by during my favorite week of the year!  Here's hoping you're enjoying it as much as I am.


Robin in Virginia said...

I really like your Johnny Appleseed start and the colors your are using. Your SL sampler looks lovely. Enjoy this week! Wishing you a New Year that is peaceful, bright and with many minutes to stitch!

Erica said...

Your Scottish Band Sampler is just magnificent! To me, it looks almost modern with all the colors and fanciful flowers!
I have Johnny Appleseed somewhere in my stash. One of these days, I'll get ti him!
Have a wonderful New Year!

Margaret said...

Glad you are enjoying this slow week between Christmas and New Year. I like it too! Love your Scottish Band Sampler. Love Johnny Appleseed too -- the pig is so cute! The conversion looks good too! Happy New Year!

Barb said...

AS usual, your stitching is lovely. I like the reds and greens that so often appear in Scottish samplers. I do hope this week turns out wonderful for you!

marly said...

Wow. That Scottish sampler is really different. Doing a great job. A walk on the beach??? I'm so jealous.

Marilyn said...

The Scottish Sampler is so pretty.
And Johnny Appleseed will be so cute when done.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Oh i love this Johnny Appleseed piece. I am very excited to watch your progress.

Von said...

I love this lazy week of the year too! Perhaps I'll be able to get into my stitching bag! Loved seeing the progress on your projects.

Teresa S. said...

Hands down, this is my favorite week of the year too! Fewer demands from others, looking forward to planning my stitching for 2016, sleeping in if I want, etc. Looking forward to reading your year in review and plans for next year!

Amanda said...

The Scottish Band sampler is gorgeous - especially the border. As for finding the needle-keeper - it's such a treat, isn't it, to rediscover a treasure like that? I did the Johnny Appleseed some years ago, though not on as nearly as nice a fabric, which I regret now. I gave it to one of my sisters, who has hung it in every house since, which amazes me as she does pretty stunning needlework herself- incredibly elaborate crewel work and the like. Can't wait to see the Scottish finished; it will be a knock-out!