Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mary Goodfinish

Just as expected. Mary Goodburn sailed to a smooth finish last weekend.  She was such a playful, easy stitch that I've started thinking of her as "Mary Goodfinish"!  Here she is. 
Last post, all that was left to go on her was the bottom sailing schooner,  I wasn't really expecting so many stripes and color changes on a ship, but in the end I was in love with  this little motif best of all.
I had some questions about the details of this project, so let me share at least what I did with her.  First off, she's an old kit from the Examplarery, probably circa the early to mid 80's.  I found her on e-Bay a few years ago, but she still turns up there on a regular basis.  In fact for anyone seriously looking for a kit of your own, there has been one posted for a few weeks now and it was still available yesterday afternoon.  I didn't use the linen in the kit because it was an ugly, large weave in a dark brown that wouldn't have suited the soft  pinks and greens in her at all.  I used a piece of 36 count something - probably light exemplar - from my stash  instead.  Whatever it was, I though the colors sat well on it.
In the meantime, I've moved on to a nice start on Johnny Appleseed and also taken back up with my holiday stitch, the SL Scottish Band Sampler.  Not much new to share on either one of them just yet, so I'll save an update on both until next post.  However, I did want to share my finished Angel of Tulips, returned from Faye and ready to preside over my Christmas tree....whenever that decides to go up!  Faye fancied her up with a simple backing and the mother of pearl spangles that ought to catch the tree lights beautifully. Don't you love her? 
I may have to find a permanent home for her somewhere, because I don't think I'll be able to put her away after the holidays are over.
As for the holidays, I'm still waiting for the spirit to take me.  The weather has been so warm and humid this autumn and now early winter that I hardly feel we've left summer behind.  Between that and having my work days rush by in a blur the past few months leaves me feeling like my own personal clock is still stuck back in June somewhere.  But the past few days one sure sign that Christmas is truly on its way blossomed on my patio.
I have 5 Christmas cacti in pots out there, and this is the first bloom.  They thrive on neglect 11 months of the year but come December, I dote on them every day,  Funny how they bring back so many holiday memories, but they always do.
Here's wishing your December is full of bright colors and fond memories too. 


Melissa said...

What a beautiful finish, Mary! I love all those pink tones.

Faye did a wonderful job of finishing that angel - so sweet. I also love the Seven Sailors finish in your last post too.

Here we are in dark, dreary, rainy, damp, cold December. If it turns a few degrees colder we may have a white Christmas, which would be nice too!

Enjoy your beautiful Christmas cacti!

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on your Mary Goodburn finish! She looks great and I really like the ship. Your Angel of Tulips is lovely and I would put her out some place so she could be enjoyed all year. Your cactus is gorgeous!

Marilyn said...

Mary is a pretty Sampler.
Congrats on your finish.
Love the Angel of Tulips with the spangles.
You have a very pretty Christmas cactus.

Vickie said...

Hooray a finish! What a gorgeous Christmas cactus.

Barb said...

Mary is just beautiful. I am thinking of getting her but I would have to change the colors a bit and it is only sold as a kit. I still think it is pretty enough to spend the money and change up the floss. That ornament will be beautiful on the tree.

Penny said...

Beautiful finish on Mary! Faye did a wonderful job finishing your ornament ~ very pretty! And a beautiful bloom on your Christmas cactus.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Love the finish. I'd leave that lovely angel up all year round too. Funny story, I had a Christmas cactus once that bloomed on all the holidays of the year. It was almost like it knew it was a special day. Funny plant!

woolwoman said...

great finish Mary ! I love how Faye finished the Tulip Angels and I don't blame you - I might not be able to put them away either. Living only a few hours north of you - I agree totally about the lack of ANY cool weather making it seem like a perpetual summer. Of course the humidity is better and I am not sweating every day and I finally am able to transition slightly out of my never ending summer wear. I hope the Christmas spirit strikes very soon. Take care Mel

Margaret said...

Love your finish! The little ship just makes the piece! Love how Faye finished your ornament too. Beautiful! Love Christmas cactus. I never encountered one till I was an adult, but now they are my favorite.

Carol said...

What luscious colors in your latest finish, Mary! It really is pretty... And you and Faye have collaborated for another fine ornament finish, too.

Such a pretty Christmas cactus--the perfect red color for the season! Hope your week is going well :)

Von said...

What a beautiful finish, Mary!!
Your Christmas cactus is right on time even if you're not ready for the season yet. Neither am I, by the way. :D