Sunday, February 21, 2016


Sure enough, this week was a whirlwind.  Wednesday evening involved an overnighter in beautiful Pensacola, Florida, so no complaints about the final destination.  But why I had to get there coming and going through Atlanta still doesn't seem to make any sense, other than that traveling on the state's dime is always going to be at the lowest airfare possible.  Anyway, the overnighter come with an evening of hotel room stitching, which allowed the chance to finish the top row on Johnny Appleseed.

This homely little piece has been a lot of fun so far.  The next row of trees features more wildlife and apple trees.  Love the playful little fox that's on his way soon!
Remember my little piece Elizabeth Rhodes?  She is back from an extended overnighter with Faye.  She left home looking like this.,,,
...and came back home looking like this.
Faye turned her into a sleeping bag for scroll rod projects, perfect for future overnighters! While  I have plenty of project bags in different sizes on hand, what I really had been thinking about for awhile was a loose cover os "sleeping bag" that I could slip an ongoing scroll rod project into for safe--keeping while I wasn't actually working on it.
Something nice and loose that could be easily opened and close with a quick pull of the draw string
The perfect thing for protecting my scroll rod projects overnight or on the road.
Thanks Faye - it's just what I had in mind!


marly said...

Very nice bag and I love that sampler!!

Margaret said...

What a nice sleeping bag for your scroll rods! Very nice indeed! Love how Johnny Appleseed is coming too! Your travel route sounds very out of the way!

Robin in Virginia said...

Super progress on Johnny Appleseed! I like the scroll rod sleeping bag that Faye created for you. Great use for your stitched sampler as well!

Barb said...

The bag is a wonderful idea and Faye does a great job! I like the beginning of Johnny!

Marilyn said...

Great progress on Johnny Appleseed.
The bag is unique.

Sherry said...

I love the sampler and it looks beautiful on the bag!

Melissa said...

Oh, that Faye just does magic with her finishing. Very nice "sleeping bag".

Love how Johnny Appleseed is looking!

woolwoman said...

well! how cool is that - now I want one too. Why I don't know because I very rarely ever use scroll rods. It's very cool - neat idea - hope you have a great week and I love the sampler affixed to the bag. Cheers Mel

Carol said...

What a great idea for the "sleeping bag," Mary! You and Faye make quite the team...

Crazy about the flight to Pensacola being routed through Atlanta!!

Panther Martial Arts said...

Seems so fun

Love it

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