Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Hibiscuses (or is it habisci?)

Here in Florida, spring almost always breaks out by mid February.  I can feel and see it coming on already, even though it's still just the tiniest bit early.  Some sure signs - pollen counts are already rising and the produce stands at every stoplight are all showcasing this season's crop of strawberries.  Another sure sign - the hibiscus plant on our back patio is blooming like crazy right now.  These blooms are so special, because while they're spectacular when they open in the morning, by the  late afternoon, they're gone.  Fitting proof of so many sampler verses I've spent time on!.  So in that vein, here's a picture of what was blooming on our patio this morning:

The other hibiscus I've spent more time with this February is on the top vine of Jean Rattray.

Jean is an old  Scottish sampler by Threads of Gold.  I found her several years ago in a bygone stitching shop in St. Petersburg.  At the time I bought her, I did so more because the shop had the chart kitted with a nice piece of Vintage linen than because I had definite plans to actually stitch her one day.  I'm such an easy mark when it comes to a deal!  But in making stitching plans over the holidays, I found her waiting patiently and hopeful as ever at the bottom of my kit box, and somehow knew it was her time to shine.  Here's a look at progress on Jean as if this morning.

And another detail shot, just because I can.  Love the simple, stylized banding on the border.

I have been wavering back and forth between Jean and Frances Eden ever since they were both started as New Year's projects.  Picture of Frances to follow!

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