Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi all, Happy November! It's my birthday this week and the celebrating is about to begin.  This birthday picture was taken just a few yeas ago....'ll note the Mamie Eisenhower-era bangs.  Who put that haircut on a toddler anyway?   Thank God I have no memory of it! But even though my hairstyle and a few other things have changed since then, my birthday thoughts are still exactly the same - "Look at the size of that cake, all for me!"

A much more recent celebration happened last weekend when Jim and I had our annual evening in Clearwater for the 2014 Frenchy's Stone Crab Festival.  Live music, outdoor dining, beer, fireworks on the beach and of course, fresh stone crab.

Follow that with more live music and dancing at Muhuffer's, then a top down ride across Tampa Bay under the stars.  I love life in Florida, especially when it's time to celebrate!

Maybe it's because my upcoming birthday has me thinking about time passing and my priorities for spending it, or maybe it's just because I've realized I've collected a vast amount of stitching stuff with no real plan for actually doing anything with it.  But I've decided I'm going to start running a Stitching Bucket List - maybe at the end of the year or New Year's - on the side of this blog.  The question, when I leave out all the stages, fads and designer infatuations I've worked through, really comes down to in the time and eyesight I have left before I'm too feeble to thread a needle any more, which pieces of stitching are most important and will feel like my best accomplishments? So in no particular order, here's what I've got so far:

Ann Medd - What can I say about Ann?  Even the Scarlet Letter calls her the Mother of All samplers.  Ever since I saw Nicola's heart-stopping work in her and saw how magical Ann really was, I knew I've have to take her on.

Permin 1791 and 1826 - a girl isn't much of a stitcher unless she's got at least one Permin to speak for herself.  I want both of these big girls.

Mary Bate -  Don't I only hope I can be this good?

Loara Standish - Oh yes, I did tough out the e-Bay bidding war to win this stitching trophy.  Now I have to put my mouth where my money is.

Ann Penry - Ann has been in my stash for years and years and years.  I was first attracted to her because the original eventually made her way to Florida, but I now just love her for who she is.

His Eye is on the Sparrow - Margaret, your progress updates have landed this beauty on my list!

Anyway, these pieces have come to my mind without having to make a rumble through the stash, so they must be there for good.  No doubt the list is incomplete and will have more additions before any one of these masterworks is done.  Still, I think it's been helpful to take stock and set some priorities as time passes!

Stitching on current projects? Slowly, but steadily.  Here's how Sarah Tuel is looking with her big brown bottom blossom finally done.

It was a lot of work to get that bloom in, not because the stitching was so hard, but the chart is crazy to follow.  Really, all those little hand drawn diagonal lines in every direction were confusing to say the least!

Knock on wood the last corner will be smooth and quick to finish.  Would love to have her done by my next post, but that remains to be seen

So thanks as always for stopping in and joining the birthday celebration with me!  Back to work on Sarah.....


Ranae said...

Happy birthday!
Awesome collection of samplers

Lois said...

Happy birthday Mary!! I love your bucket list. Definitely a good idea to have them in your sidebar as a reminder - you can do it!!!!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday! It was a great weekend to begin your celebrations and a great weekend for that top down ride over the bay. I hope the birthday month celebrations are just as perfect!

Great, great list!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Happy Birthday! I think you've got one fabulous bucket list there, girlie! Hope your day is great!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Mary! What a great bucket list of stitching! It's always go to set goals.

I love how Sarah is looking. You've done so well. I know the hand drawn symbols are hard to read too.

llknbillburg said...

Happy Birthday!! Good idea, the bucket list. I have one too with way too many samplers on it! My friend has one called the Top 100. Not sure which one makes more sense!! Laura

Margaret said...

Happy birthday! I enjoyed seeing your bucket list of stitching projects. Nice choices! I'm glad His Eye made it to your list. lol! You know Sarah Tuel is on mine now because of you!!

Barb said...

A very Happy birthday to you!! Looks like a great way to celebrate.It is funny because I have had similar thoughts about priorities. Mine has to do with the arthritis in my hands. I am trying not to just go off and stitch because I see it somewhere and it strikes my fancy. I am telling myself to be very thoughtful about my stitching.

woolwoman said...

Happy Birthday or belated whichever it is ! sounds like you've been having a great one and yes this is the best time of the year to live in FL - I'm a 5th generation native but I really HATE the heat nowadays - LOVE this type of weather or even cooler. WOW that is some list my friend - most of those I wouldn't even consider in my dreams. YGG and enjoy the nice weather Mel

woolwoman said...

PS Sarah is looking exquisite. Is that all cross stitch? Mel

Rachel said...

Happy belated birthday! Good luck with your bucket list, Sarah Tuel is looking lovely!:)