Saturday, June 21, 2014

Something Old, Something New

Greetings to everyone, here's wishing you all the best on this summer solstice!  I do think there's something magical about this day, though I've yet to ever shape it into a traditional practice of any sort.   Hmmmm, maybe I should start honoring the longest day of the year with a return to the longest project I've ever worked on, namely Miss Hannah Pepper? I just think I might have something there, but more about Miss Hannah in a little bit. 

OK, so to follow the flow of this post's title, let's start with something old, 160 years to be exact.

Last weekend's beach adventure took us across the state to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, first begun in 1854.  I love the history of this particular light.  The land was surveyed by a young Robert E Lee and the lighthouse itself was engineered by George W Meade.  Ironically, these 2 men faced off against each other as opposing generals at the battle of Gettysburg.

Although this lighthouse isn't the tallest or the one with the most steps we've ever climbed, it's a challenge to make the top.  These steps just put you at the entrance of the light itself, with those inside the light being very steep and narrow.  Whew!!  But well worth it once you get there, because here's the view from above.

Another delightful surprise turned up while taking a look around the restored lighthouse keeper's cottage.  I found a bit of stitching on the dining table. 


While I'm sure this isn't an original piece of the home, and it may well not even be an antique, it was still fun to find it there among all the other lighthouse memorabilia.  Sadly, Florida's humid climate isn't very kind to textiles, so one doesn't come across much needlework at all in  lighthouse museums here.

So that's the old needlework.  On to the new!

After bringing Miss Frances Eden to a graceful finish, I was sooooooo ready for something light and smooth sailing, nautical in fact.  And I came up with 2 that suited perfectly, though one of them has gotten more of my time and attention than the other.   Who could resist this winsome little ditty?

On close examination, I realized  this project would be the perfect size for lining another one of my cigar box lids.  So I've been working on these 7 sailors pretty steadily in the hopes of getting them done before my love for them cools.

Gotta love a sampler with so much swagger!

The other little sweetie I've taken up with is Mary Goodburn, who's been hanging out in my stash for an unfortunate length of time.  She's an old lady from The Examplarary, circa early 1980's.

I picked Mary up during my Examplary phase, a period of time spent trolling e-Bay for out of circulation treasures.  So far, she's been nothing but agreeable, almost to the point where I'm not all that excited about the work so far.  But I couldn't say no to her little ship,  too bad (or maybe thank goodness?)  it's at the bottom of the piece.  If it was at the top I might not ever finish her.  Maybe it's her muted tones that are less than exciting?

So this brings me back again to Hannah Pepper.  She's re debuting in the stitching lineup tonight, the longest night of the year!!  And the goal will be to have her done by December 21, the shortest night. 


Thanks Krista for the shot in the arm!

So this brings me up to speed, though I'm stull wondering how I got here?  Thanks for checking in on me!


Margaret said...

Oooh, I remember your cigar boxes! I ended up finding some once and buying a few because of you. lol! Haven't used them yet though. Love your Hannah! So gorgeous! Ugh. Maybe I need to start that one too.

Krista said...

Love that lighthouse! So beautiful!! You have been busy with lots of great stitching! That one from the Examplerary is so pretty. Your Hannah is quite a bit along! I have spent my day looking over the chart and pulling colors. Did you use the fabric and threads called for in the pattern? Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Catherine said...

Love the lighthouse and that view!! Fabulous projects you are working on!

Barb said...

Loved seeing the Jupiter Light. My sister lives very close to that light. We saw the light but did not go up or see the keepers house-next visit. Lots of great stitching!!!!! I think you can finish Miss Hannah by the longest night of the year. For us, Dec. 21 means dark from 4:30 pm to about 8:30 am. That is one very long night!

Ricamo a Doppio Filo said...

Love all your projects!

P.J. said...

Beautiful photos! The Seven Sailors is a cute piece; all your stitches are lovely.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Mary,
I really loved reading this post. The lighthouse pictures are wonderful. I could make it up those steps, but never back without something to hold onto because of my hip.. I'm so glad you are back to Hannah, you will love her when you finish on December 21!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I love the view from the lighthouse. There's just something about lighthouses! Love the new projects too. Keep pluggin away at Hannah. You can do it!!!

Melissa said...

Love all the stitching - wow! I am looking forward to seeing your cigar box(es).

I enjoyed seeing your Lighthouse visit.

Penny said...

Lovely pictures ~ that is quite a view from the top! Seven Sailors is a cute piece! Love your other projects as well.