Sunday, March 17, 2013

Off to Carolina!

Hi everyone!  Hope your St Patty's Day is full of good music, food and green beer.  I love all 3 of them and for someone who doesn't have a drop of natural Irish in them, I still embrace the fun of the day,

The big reason for this post is to announce that I do have a finish that will soon be on its way to Faye of Carolina Stitcher fame for her special touch.  You may remember a few posts back when I  needed to sulk for awhile aftter making a horrendous goof on Ann Grimshaw.  Someone suggested a little "comfort" stitching to get over it, whick was an excellent idea.  So I decided to show a little love to my long forgotten Blue Dwelling is My Station, a purely impulse project I started several years ago and quickly lost enthusiasm for.  Here's how it was at the end of January when I found it in the box I  think of as my stitching orphanage.

Not much going on there, you'll have to agree.  But even after I made back up with Ann, I found it was fun to keep going on this little project as a way of taking a break from Miss Grinshaw's vast expanses.  Little by little (that's the time term, not the name of the design company!) I filled in the letters and then moved on to the borders and the actual blue dwelling.  Lo and behold, last was done!

I decided to ask Faye if she could whip it into something awesome for several reasons:

  • This little piece has been living on borrowed time for quite a while now and it deserves a little respect.  Faye's finishing will do that in a matter of a few weeks.  If finishing is up to me, it could linger again in limbo for ages and never see the light of day.  
  • Even if I was up for the challenge of finishing it, the likelihood the end result would be anything I'd want to claim as my own is next to nil.  Bottom line - I will mangle it and then hate myself for even trying.  Faye will turn it into something awesome, worthy of showing off to sisters!

So I'll keep everyone posted as to it's future destiny with the amazing Faye.  No matter what, I'm sure it will be wonderful!

And speaking of  sisters, after I told the story  in my last post of how my sister Teresa got me terminally hooked as a stitcher, I wished I'd posted a picture of the two of us.  Unfortunately, I didn't have one in all our 1980's permed hair glory, but I did find this little sweetie, taken at an even earlier point in time.

I'm the one with the short pixie hair cut, while Teresa is sporting her famous blonde curls.  Funny thing is, all these years later we still have basically the same do's, only now the looks are mostly the result of hair color and skilled professionals.

Thanks for stopping by, especially to the new followers who've made their way here.  I love your comments!


marly said...

What a sweet photo of you two!

P.J. said...

Happy St Paddy's Day! What a nice finish, Faye will have a terrific finish for it. You two are so cute. Keep on stitching. P.J.

Margaret said...

Oh that's so cute! I love the pic! I love your finish too. Faye will do something wonderful with it, I just know it!

Catherine said...

Great photo!! Looking forward to seeing what magic Faye works on your lovely stitching!

Faye said...

Pretty pretty pretty!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on this!!!!! Nice job stitching, Faye

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Darling finish! I can't wait to see what Faye does with it. The pic of you and your sis is darling!

Carol said...

Lovely finish, Mary! I'm so glad you've decided to finish it off with Faye's help--it deserves to be displayed. And what a sweet photo of you and your sister--that is so nice that you share a love of stitching with her :)

Chris said...

I read back on your blog..Love your first project it is beautifully stitched and the colour you are using for Ann Grimshaw is lovely. A sea green one of my favourite colours.
Blog hopped and found you I shall pop back to see your progress.
Sorry about your DH's Dad.. what an age and so lovely to read how he had lived.
And what a cute photo of you and your sister.