Saturday, September 15, 2012

Atocha Sets Sail

Good morning everyone!  I have sooo enjoyed all the blogger comments about the season change from wherever they might be experiencing it.  Things are still rather sweltering here in Florida, but I'm holding out for the promise of the fall beach season in the not too distant future.  The water is warm, the breezes are crisp and dry and the beaches are serene.  The best way to experience them!

After a few mishaps.the long awaited Atocha sampler set sail on September 6th.  I found out the hard way that my poor middle aged eyes can no longer find those tiny little 40 count holes, even with the help of my trusty Dazor.  So it was back to the linen box to salvage a similarly toned linen with a more visible weave.  The best I could do was this piece of 32 count lambswool, which is a little bit on the beigy side for my preference, but at least it was in hand.  Here's a look at progress so far.

I just had to have a shot of the cool scissor fob I'm enjoying while working on this piece!  When Halley was in high school, she took a jewelry making class as an art credit and went through a phase of manufacturing scissors fobs for my stitching group.  There is still an impressive collection of them lingering around with my stitching stuff.  I thought this one has a an interesting Gulf of Mexico feel to it, with its mix of shell, silver and sea glass.  Isn't it funny how the little things really are what makes this sort of project so much fun?

Here's a close up of the motifs so far.

Gotta love that brazen mermaid!  Since this was taken, I've pulled the bright yellow center of the sun out and am in the process of restitching it in the same sandy white color I've got in mind for the ship sails.  To my eye, there wasn't quite enough contrast between the yellows I used, which made the center look a little lemony.  I'm hoping the lighter center will pull it all together once the ship sails do go in. We'll see.  This is one of those "it's the journey, not the destination" projects, so as it gets underway, I'm just going to let the motifs tell me what color they really want to be, even if it means second guessing color choices from time to time.

But speaking of destination pieces, the end is getting real with Jean Rattray!  Here's a look at the finished grove of trees and the right hand flower urn.

2 more major additions to it, and she's done!  Another of these needs to go on the left of the trees.

You'll also notice that empty space between the forest ground and the top of the border band needs to be filled.  That'll be another solid slog, but I'm hoping if it's the very last step before completion, I'll be motivated to get 'er done.  I may also work my initials and the year into the sides of that spot, as they'll be unobtrusive there and might also break up the monotony.  Seeing as I started Jean as a New Year's piece, an easy goal will be to have her done by the upcoming holidays.  I'm planning to take her back up as soon as some of the honeymoon romance with the Atocha piece wears thin.
A few posts back, I shared some pics of a beautifully finished cigar box I was given.  Since then. the idea of finishing one for myself has been a bug in my brain.  So that's another project underway now, though stitching on it has been relegated to later in the evenings.  Progress so far:

Adam and Even are taken from the Goode Huswife's Sarah Seifer.  When they're done, they'll be mounted on the inside of the cigar box lid.  The bottom of the box will be lined with the fabric.   Just describing it makes me want to get busy, because it's really not a huge undertaking!  Anyway, I'll share progress as it evolves.
So that brings me up to date with all my stitching launches.  Thanks for stopping by - I'll be sure to return the visit!


Margaret said...

Love your progress so far on the Atocha Sampler. Isn't it awful how our eyes betray us and we can no longer see higher count fabrics like before? I have to use magnifiers on top of my normal glasses. lol! Love your Jean Rattray! Just love it! I hope you finish it soon -- I'd love to see the whole thing in all its glory. The box progress so far is wonderful too. Recognized A&E from Sarah Seifer right away. :D Your plan for the box sounds great! You have lots of wonderful projects right now.

Kathy Ellen said...

Beautiful progess on the Atocha perfect for a Floridian too! What beautiful stitching you have done on Jean Rattray too! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece!


Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

The colours are looking beautiful in your Atocha Sampler and of course your Jean Rattray is georgeous! Love stiching finished as boxes, could quite happily have a house full of them!

Catherine said...

What a fabulous group of projects!! Love the scissor fob ~ perfect for what you are stitching! Looking forward to seeing the box finish.

Faye said...

I keep coming back for a gander at the lovely tiny stitches on your blog!! The beautiful colors in Atocha are simply perfect for a Floridian..... And, the fob is perfect as well.....hmmmmm....I may need to pull my beads out and make a coordinating something for my project!!! Simply beautiful, as usualy...very inspiring, Faye

Lois said...

I love your start on Atocha! I hear you on the higher count fabric, 32ct seems to be my comfort zone these days and that's with glasses and magnifying glass!!! Jean is so beautiful and you really are on the finishing straight with her. Love what you're planning for the cigar box.

Michelle said...

Atocha is looking lovely! And what a beautiful fob too. Your blog is always so inspiring to me!!

woolwoman said...

beautiful stitching on all your projects. Good luck with Atocha - it is looking wonderful. Melody

Carol said...

Hello, Mary :) I just wanted to stop in and thank you for your kind comments on my last post. I'm so happy to have discovered your blog, too--such beautiful samplers you're working on!! My in-laws live on the west coast of FL, too (Naples) and it is a beautiful area--your little scissor fob is definitely perfect for you :) The sea glass in it adds such a nice touch...

I'll be back to visit again!