Monday, August 27, 2012

A Give Away, A Gift and A Golden Oldy

Hello everyone, and greetings from soggy, swampy Florida!!  Tropical Storm Isaac - and the influx of Republican conventioneers - are upon us.  Nothing sinister from either one so far, though things are just today getting underway in both cases.

However, I was delighted to find early this morning that Isaac did land me a day at home, something I was more than happy to have.    About mid-morning the doorbell rang, which was a little surprising on such a wet Monday.  It was the mail carrier!  And she was delivering a big box....from Jeanne!

Molly couldn't wait to see what was inside...and neither could I.

So we opened the box together. Here's what we found:

And this....

Needless to say Jeanne, I'm thrilled to pieces - what a day brightener!  I just love the fun project bag and the needle pillow, both of which I'm sure are your own work.  Molly may have her eyes on the shortbread - do dogs and Brits both call them biscuits? - but they'll be safely kept out of paws way.  Thank you so much, Jeanne.  Talk about paying it forward!

So while we were taking pictures this afternoon, I thought I'd get some of the coolest gift I received recently.  Tampa has a chance to showcase itself during the next few days - weather allowing, that is - and one of the things the city is best known for is its booming pre-WWII cigar industry.  There are still remnants of it in the old buildings and unique culture around town, but one of the easiest things to identify with are the cigar boxes.

This one was given to me by my coworkers as part of a going away gift.  I was thrilled to see how beautifully finished the inside of it is.

It's already perfect for keeping stitching tools and treasures safely away from puppies who like to chew on things they shouldn't!

But it's also set the wheels inside my hot little brain turning...why not finish another box with a squarish stitching design on the inside lid??  I've been hoarding other cigar boxes left over from my old stitching guild days like the treasures that they are.  And goodness knows, I probably have at least a few charts and fabric that might work....ha!    So something else may be underway soon...I'll keep you posted!

And last but not least, I wanted to share this not-so-great picture of the first sampler I ever attempted on linen.  It's my way of honoring Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum, who passed away recently.

I don't remember now the name of the design, but I do recall how impressed I was with myself for choosing to do something so elaborate on a fabric as complicated as 28 count linen.  I tip my hat to Marilyn for the design that challenged me to take what seemed like such a big step forward.  The date I stitched on this piece is April 4th 1987.  My daughter was born in December of that same year, and she'll be 25 in 4 months.   Thank you Marilyn, I've had a needle  - and increasingly smaller linen counts - in my hand ever since!


Margaret said...

Wow, that cigar box is soo cool! I had no idea Tampa was known for cigars. lol! Glad Isaac gave you a day off and isn't being too mean to you either. Love your Marilyn piece -- very pretty! And that giveaway prize -- wow! Lucky you!

woolwoman said...

wonderful tribute to Marilyn - congrats on your 25 years of stitching bliss - nice giveaway from Jeanne - she is a great gal. Enjoy it and yes we are very thankful we only got a few sprinkles from Isaac. Praying for those in the gulf states. Melody

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

I have been thinking about Marilyn a lot scince she passed away - I don't quite know the reason why - all I know is I love her designs and want to pay tribute to her by stitching one as I havn't yet - so I will have to hunt down one of her designs and stitch it as my way of not forgetting her - I am so happy you did this little tribute to her.

Tracey said...

Aah, you were Jeanne's other winner! Congrats! I won the other package. :) I am chuckling cause I put mine on a towel to take a picture as well! Great minds think alike! Beautiful sampler! :)

Jeanne said...

So glad you and Molly liked the package Mary! She looks like a lovable pooch. My grandfather used to be a barber and he sold cigars in his shop...we always had cigar boxes when we were kids to hold our crayons and things. Those wooden ones were so nice. I think they've made a resurgence in crafting with people making purses and all sorts of things out of them. I think adding a stitched piece to the top will be perfect!

Lois said...

What a lovely box of goodies and perfect timing to arrive when you'd an unexpected day at home. And yes, it's biscuits, although mostly we tend to call shortbread by it's name rather than just calling it a biscuit (if that makes sense!).