Thursday, June 14, 2012

Down the Home Stretch

Hi everyone!  At long last, I have an update on what I've been doing with my new best friend, Frances Burwell.

When last I posted about her, I think I had just cleared my way out of that endless twisting forest of vines and overgrown satin stitch pansies.  I'm soooo happy (and relieved) to report now that since that time, she's been docile as a lamb,  Here's how she looks right now:

I know, I know...the rumpled linen makes her look like she's been stuffed in a sleeping bag and dumped in the woods, but I really did give her a good pressing before the photo shoot!  Guess that's what working with a hoop will do for you.

Anyway, on to some the blackwork bands that were up right after the end of the pansy expanse.

And here's Miss Frances' neighborhood, though the landscaping is still under construction.

I'm really tickled with the birds and trees.  This same one will go in the vacant lot on the left.

Believe it or not, even once the landscaping is finished, there's still more to go underneath that.  3 funky looking structures that remind me of band shelters - go figure! - and then her name and  I think a date.  But even with all that in mind, my eye is definitely on the prize.  She'll be done, or I'll be dead.... which ever comes first.

I'm finding it nearly impossible to believe  it's now the middle of June and summertime has sagged down around us.  Breathing the air in Florida from the end of May until the middle of October is like swimming in jello,  Mildew grows on the driveway and mushrooms spring up everywhere overnight.  It's definitely damp!  But we've managed to get in some amazing early morning beach strolls over the past few weeks.  When we can do that, I'll put up with strange fungi and slippery pavement the rest of the time. That must be the home stretch too!


Catherine said...

Beautiful stitches! I absolutely love that tree with the birds!!!

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh, I'm in love with this one for sure! Gorgeous! I love the house and landscaping!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Turquoise - gold - pink - am loving the colours - all my favourite - this is a beautiful sampler - another one going on my wishful thinking list - its also very humid & damp where i am at the moment too - my house is one big mushroom!

Lois said...

Miss Francis is looking stunning! I'm so pleased for you that you are on the home stretch and enjoying her more and more. This one is going to be such a beauty.

Jackie said...

What a beautiful project! You're stitching is beautiful!

Thank you for the comment on my blog - I couldn't email you because you're a no reply blogger. The knitting project I started is a hat for my son. It has skulls on it (ugh)!

I live in Florida too and summer is definitely not my favorite time of the year. The heat is part of it but the humidity is the worst. Thankfully we're near the coast so we get a breeze. Not the oppressive humid heat like we got in Tallahassee.

Ellen said...

What a beautiful sampler! A lady in my local guidl is also working on Frances, and I have really fallen in love with her. I particularly like that blue house.