Thursday, March 8, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

I'd really like to thank everyone so much, especially Lois, for their warm welcome to the blogging world.  Seeing the numbers of comments and blog followers roll in this week has been so much fun!  And I do promise to return the favor by visiting everyone's blog on a regular basis.

Speaking of following other blogs, I've been quite taken in with Krista's progress on Mary Wigham.  Krista, you may have unleashed a monster.  I'm finding myself fighting the urge to start another Quaker.....what am I crazy?!  There are more WIP's in this house than I can count already.  Hannah Pepper and I aren't speaking right now, Sarah Tuel thinks I've jilted her completely and the chart and threads for  Frances Burwell have gone missing in action.  Not to mention the current affairs with Frances Eden and Jean Rattray. The sane side of my brain keeps telling me that another long term commitment  is out of the question.  But the impulsive love 'em and leave 'em side just can't let it go.  Lord, please help me find the patience to see at least one of these big girls through before taking the plunge again!

So toward that end, let me share some shots of one Quaker I did actually finish, Sarah Tatum.

Sarah was stitched on 40 count Vintage Exemplar linen with the kitted silks.  Like most Quakers the whole of her is definitely more spectacular than the sum of her parts.  I just love how what feels like very random motifs and color choices work together as an completed piece..

I did make one slight deviation from the original design.  My poor eyes, not to mention  sanity, weren't up to attempting over one stitches on 40 count linen with a silk that was virtually indistinguishable from the background  Instead, I got the job done by going with a nice chestnut brown used on some of the larger motifs.

I think this circle of rosebuds was my favorite motif.  It's so delicate in comparison to so many of the other geometric ones.

This honeycomb pattern also intrigued me.  I love how it sits wedged in between so many florals, almost like the bees made it there and then went off in search of nectar.

This arrow motif was fun to work, mostly because it's so regular in its design that it didn't require much chart examination.

 So I'm hoping this review of the work involved in my last Quaker will quell the urge to take up with another one, at least until someone else finishes up.

My daughter took this picture of Ruby and Molly romping together last month.  Spring is definitely in the air in Florida now, and the girls are spending much of their days herding each other in circles around our back yard

Today, I'm grateful to have a backyard that's bursting with birds, blossoms and warm breezes!


Jackie said...

Thank you for the link to Krista's blog...I don't know her and she definitely has some good stuff on her blog.

You Sarah is just gorgeous! And all the girls won't mind at all if you bring Mary home or out of the stash closet. Go for it!

Krista said...

Hi Mary, Your Sarah Tatum finish on the 40 ct is just amazing! Love all the pics you posted with all the detail. Such great colors on this one. Thanks for the compliments on my Mary Wigham. I really enjoy Quakers too. And not to be an enabler.... :) but... the Mary Wigham is an SAL that I am doing with The Sampler World facebook group. is the link. When you have a chance you might want to give a look, there is a photo album dedicated to Mary Wigham and it is great to see all the different ways it is being done. It is a really great, creative group.

And... your pups are the cutest! They look so happy romping around in the yard! Have a great weekend!

Lois said...

What a stunning finish, Mary! Sarah is such a beauty. I have a fondness for the Quakers, love how all the motifs come together and always find that the different motifs and sections will jump out at you each time you look at it.

Great picture of the girls. Spring is arriving here in this part of the world too. I am loving that the days are getting longer and the garden is starting to come to life.

Debby said...

That's just the way it goes with us stitchers!! You easely fall in love, but to make it to the end is a other story.... But Sarah is finished very beautiful!!

Greetings from Debby,

Lynn said...

Wow, Sarah is gorgeous!! You've certainly done a wonderful job.
I haven't done any stitching yet on 40ct but I think I'm ready to give it a try.

Elisabetta said...

Beautiful Sampler!