Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Progress on Jean

As promised, I finally have some progress on Jean Rattray to share.  This is how she looked as of this afternoon. 

When I first picked her up, I was afraid the limited color palette would become tedious very quickly, but so far it's been rather soothing.  In spite of all the looping and ornateness in the top vine, the tree section I'm in the midst of now is simple almost to the point of being primitive.  And I just love how all these little blossoms are frothing up like bubbles in champagne...

Eventually they'll turn into a tree with a rather noodly-looking Adam and Eve shivering under it.  I haven't quite decided what to do about them yet, but they may be too anemic for my taste.  After all, this is Florida - they should at least have tan lines!  So I will share a picture of them as soon as they emerge onto the scene.

Newbie blunder:  Turns out TUSAL pictures need to be posted with the new moon, not the full moon, dummy!  I suppose I should actually read the fine print with these things.  So to reconcile this faux pas, I have a picture of my thread jar doing its impression of the full moon, only it's now being posted just after the new one.

What am I grateful for today?  A schedule that can afford a day to focus only on the things I love.


Lois said...

What a beauty she is going to be. The colours in the top vine really make it pop off the fabric.
Nothing nicer than a day to do the things you love.

Nicola said...

GORGEOUs - I love the delicacy of the stitching and the colours.

Siobhán said...

What a gorgeous sampler! I love the colors of it. A belated welcome to the blog world!